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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tourney Begins Tonight

How to reach the created rooms:
  • Go to the Xbox Live section, then go to the community. Next press A on the Lobbies. On the next screen scroll all the way down to the bottom and there will be rooms with the name "tpb" and enter the appropriate room.
  • There will be NO GLITCHING. If someone glitches and scores, there are two options. The other team can pull their goalie and allow 1 goal to be scored to even it up. Or you can disregard the goal and pretend it never took place.
  • Glitching includes: the wrist shot glitch (floater etc. No slap shot versions either).
  • Everything else is fair game.
  • In case of overtime, the 4-on-4 will play out as normal. In the case of a shootout, the shootout will continue until all human players have had a chance. After that point, if it is tied, the shootout will be over rather than let random computer players end it.
  • All the players will return to the room and they will start a new game. The first team to score wins it. It will be like overtime.
  • I repeat - if it is tied at the end of the human player shootout, a new game will be started that will act as overtime.
Everyone should be online by 9 p.m. Good luck.


Justin said...

Sorry I got stuck in erie and didnt get back to pittsburgh till after 11.


Pittsburghler said...

Is everyone confirmed for tonight?

penzrule said...

Are we playing best of 3 like previously reported. We seemed to be the only two teams that played best of 3 last night.

chris e said...

We played best of 3 last night? I logged off after game one because I thought we were done. Did we end up winning or losing?


Meat said...

lost 2-1, controlled the game but couldnt stick another in, pretty pitiful. i think the time of possession was like 3 to 7, but i can't remember, all that does was the score.

chris e said...

Wait? I'm lost. I was there for the 2-1 loss. I was asking if you guys stuck around and played a best of 3?

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Yes there was two, 2-1 losses so therefore a 3 game series.

chris e said...

I'm so sorry I missed the second game. I swear before we started we asked and someone said we weren't doing that. Sorry for leaving before the second game guys. My bad.

EnsErmac said...


It worked out because we lost rednib, so we played 4 on 4

chris e said...

So are we playing round 2 tonight?