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Thursday, November 20, 2008

And the winner is...

Team Free Candy!

And now the trophy presentation:

Team Free Candy defeated Team Billy Tibbets last night by a score of 2-0.
Congratulations to zarley zalapski, syniper, sh0e8, rjpucla, and Mr Pockets 12. A shout out to Free Candyman who was on injured reserve for the tournament... you were in our hearts.

The series was a hard fought, conservative, defensive series
with only 4 goals scored in the entire Cup final.

In the first game, through two period the score was 0-0 then in the middle of the 3rd , zarley zalapski found himself in the slot with an open shot and he buries it blocker side to take the lead. The lead would stick despite a late rush and shot off the post by Team Billy Tibbets.

The second game was once again 0-0 after the first period. Early in the second, Mr Pockets 12 took the puck behind the net, swung around to the far post and attempted to pass it across crease to zarley zalapski who was open for a shot. The pass went off of YanM82's stick and through the goalies legs for the first goal. Kinda like this:

Shortly after that crveza81 decided to show up and, through a partial screen, sneaks one in short side to tie the game. Then in the 3rd period, after some constant pressure by Team Free Candy, syniper made a great pass to Jason Sandhu. Since Jason Sandhu is a computer and therefore terrible at shooting, Mr Pockets takes the puck off Sandhu's stick and shoots it glove side for the eventual game winner.

Now onto the MVP award:This award goes to crveza81.
He dominated the tournament, scoring at least 5 goals in the first matchup of these two teams. He, at my last count, had 10G 4A in the tournament. Post your stats crveza and I'll update it.
He's still a jerk.

In all seriousness the tournament was a lot of fun when games were actually being played. We had too many people commit to playing and then not show up. The new tournament coming to a theater near you will be much smoother. Details are coming.


Duff said...


Then... We played a EASHL game with Kris Letang as goalie. /cry

/waveBye B+

Zach said...

I think 10+4 is pretty accurate. I was pretty drunk during the finals, so I don't really remember how many I scored there, LOL.

I had 9+2 going into the finals, including a 4 goal game, and a 3 goal game back to back the first time we played you guys, scoring all 7 goals for my team, heh.

I also had 1g+1a in each of the first two games, in on all 4 of our goals.

I think there was a goal in the final that I wasn't in on, but I don't remember much of last night.

Good game anyawys guys, and I look forward to the next tournament, they're lots of fun.

bayonetwork said...

who didnt see that coming?

anyway, im trying to get live back before december.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

For your information, billy tibbets kicked our asses up and down the ice the first time we played them.