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Friday, November 7, 2008

Tournament Final Details

UPDATE: THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE ON HIATUS FOR THE TIME BEING DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WITH EA. THE CREATED ROOMS ARE NOT WORKING PROPERLY THUS TOURNAMENT CANNOT GO ON AS SCHEDULED. This will be the schedule to start out with. First round games are at 9:15 p.m. Be online by 9 p.m. to get everyone organized and coordinated. This is the trial run for this so have patience as we try to figure everything out.

Organizing games:
  • Captains will be in charge of gathering the troops for battle.
  • Instructions will be sent to each captain on how to set up a game. If there are any problems, Mr Pockets 12, zarley zalapski, AMCcity424 all know how to set it up and will be happy to help. Zarley gets cranky so beware.
  • The two captains of the teams set to face each other will meet in the club dressing room before the game. That is where you shall decide who makes the room etc.
  • An idea (which you will vote on below) is to change the name that will appear on the back of the jersey to your gamertag name. This would be to easily identify opposing players by their known persona on Team Pensblog. Ex. My name is Zach Boslett. But nobody knows me by that. They know me by Mr Pockets. So when I would go down and score on you and it says Zach Boslett you would not know who it was. If it says Mr Pockets you would know who amazed you on the goal. Or how to get him back. It's an idea to throw around. Vote on it below:

Quick game story: zarley zalapski, scottrandomnumbers, syniper and I had the pleasure of playing a game against a bunch of annoying ass little kids yesterday. The results are below:

Photography is from a cell phone taken hastily so don't give me crap about that.
Some key points:
  • 4 shots total from the opposition. All were slapshots entering the zone.
  • 159 hits from the opposition. They would send all 5 players after one player, leaving the other 4 with a 4-on-0 breakaway. They interfered every second of the game constantly laying people out behind the play, ahead of the play, in front of the net etc.
  • zarley zalapski figured in on all 11 goals, breaking the team record (7) for goals in a single game.
  • scott also had 6 points in the game (1G 5A).
  • For how much shit they talked you'd think they would have performed a little better or at least left.


bayonetwork said...

i may not be online for the tournament.

a week to possibly a month, depending on whether i can get an ethernet cable and a prepaid live card.

is there any chance at all that we can reschedule a game? just incase i can get live back soon.

Evan said...

I'm all for changing our names on the jersey, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on for all the games.

Pens_Yan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pens_Yan said...

I'd rather not play during Pens games. Tuesday's games should be played right after the Pens game, or be played on wednesday.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Oh yeah lol i knew there was a game tuesday but totally didn't put the two together. i'll fix that and make it for as soon as pens game is over. My fault guys. Same with thursday, for any playoff or final rounds to be played on thursday will have to be after the game.

Meat said...

shiiiiiiiiiit but it make sense after the games we had last night.

Free Candyman said...

Bad Xbox has a concussion. That game we played on Tues or Wed that took a while for me to get into was the last time I could get into any game, NHL or otherwise. I'm supposed to be getting a replacement on Monday. I saw the alert at the top of this post about the EA problems, so hopefully this doesn't affect anything and I'll be gtg on Monday.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

I emailed EA about last night's problems. This was the answer I received: "Hi,

Thank you for contacting EA Technical Support. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties, and apologize for any inconvenience. I understand your game has been freezing when you try to load your profile?

If the game is not loading properly, this is usually an indication that the console is having difficulty reading the game disc. This could be for many reasons; usually this is because the game disc is damaged or unreadable but in some situations this can be the sign of a more serious issue with your Xbox 360."

Fuck EA