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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day Four + Backstrom Moments

I decided to include standings to see how the teams are doing so far:
There were some close, competitive scrimmages played after the Cup games. They were a lot of fun even if FFBarton is a bastard.

Backstrom Moments:

Syniper gets the headline today for this performance:

This is a good Backstrom moment. Pittsburghler scoring his first ever shootout goal, game winner. This was during a scrimmage game as well.

Possibly my proudest moment:

I meant to do this:

I wanna see someone else accomplish this. I am very proud of this as well:

Leave feedback etc. I more than likely will not be online tonight and my team will be unavailable for Cup competition due to sh0e and I having prior commitments (read: Penguins tickets bitches!).

Team Man Jam: Get online tonight after the Pens game and play!!!!!!!!!!


Pens_Yan said...

Tibbets vs. Bread immediatly after the game tonight, is it ok with everyone?

Pens_Yan said...

I also have tickets for Saturday's game :)), but the thing is I'm from far far away and have to spend the week-end in Pittsburgh = no tournament games for me this week-end :((

So IF the man Jam caMn also play us (tibbets)tonight so we can at least finish our round robin game that'd be great!

Justin said...

Not only does syniper miss the goal on a breakaway he also get to be destroyed on the boards getting the "rebound" by me non the less. Just so I dont get beat up like Ruutu i was not head hunting and my elbows were down. LOL


Mr Pockets 12 said...

You did cross check him in the face. But he deserved it for folding so hard. lol

Duff said...

I don't even know what happened.. how is it possible to dump to the right and wrist to the left?

and the check happened after the time ran out dick heads

I hate you all

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Haha that was pretty much the reaction i was looking for

Duff said...

When thinking about the ratings, realize that playmakers are at a serious advantage in the face-off circle, because they start with a default face-off rating of 80, not 75, like all the other forwards.

Regardless of how good your initial face-off rating is, you will still want to spend the majority of your attribute points in the face-off category, because winning the battle in the face-off circle is the most important aspect of playing the center position well.

As for how to win the face-off with your skills, it is really something that must be "felt out," due to the varying latency of each game. But in general, you want to start your poke -- which defaults to "down" on the right joystick for both consoles -- a half-second before the referee sticks his arm out to drop the puck.

In other words, anticipate the ref’s drop, and try to start your poke just before he begins his drop animation.

Duff said...

that was str8 from EA

chris e said...

or I can show you how....

chris e said...

...being that faceoffs are pretty much the only thing I am good at on a consistent basis.

Pittsburghler said...

I can play after the Pens game.

PensUK said..., its a bit like vid 11

Meat said...

Doesnt Team Rehab have 2 wins? Beat Bily Tibbets twice.

Meat said...

Scratch that, I'm a fucking moron.

Duff said...

Break aways:
syniper = Hartnell

true story

F1reb1rd said...

The XBox is back from IR!!! Do any of these teams need a backup winger? Apparently Team Alternate sucked a big pee pee and got booted from the tourney. I'm a FA!