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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day Two

The Bread Line =

Once again they failed to play their first round game with Team Man Jam which is unfair to the Man Jelly. Wait not man jelly. Whatever.

We enjoy the positive feedback about the tournament even though it hasn't exactly been smoothly. And I'm glad you're having fun raping the competition crveza...

Bunch of games tonight, we'll get as many in as we can after the Pittsburgh vs. Detroit Game.


Dr. McSham said...

When are games starting tonight, then? After the Pens game?

Sorry for not showing over the weekend. I was out of town and had no idea we were starting already. One of you boys might have to give me a lesson on how to set up rooms.

Zach said...

"And I'm glad you're having fun raping the competition crveza..."

:D I only have 9g, 2a in 4 games. :D

bayonetwork said...

i can play one game tonight.

and i dont have my original gamertag as of right now but can get it as early as in a half hour.