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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tournament Back On For Tomorrow!

I lied earlier and the tournament will proceed as scheduled for tomorrow at 9:15.

The EA problem is still there but we found a way to work around it.

Everyone must be in the room created by your team captain to get it to play properly.

Try to be online by 9 p.m. Try to let everyone know the tourney is still going to take place.


bayonetwork said...

i will possibly be on my other name, unless somebody wants to give me 8 bucks for another month.

my other name is MyFingersHurt71

(its a Happy Gilmore quote, so **** off)

Zach6668 said...

since I'm retarded with technology, I assume I'm going to have a hard time finding the created rooms... I didn't even know that was possible until the other day when I read this, lol. Is it going to be easy for me to get in to these games?

Lisa said...

The earliest i can be on is 930.


Meat said...

and there should be a rule where NO ONE CAN SHOOT FUCKING GLITCH GOALS

fucking glitches

Mr Pockets 12 said...

i just posted something about that meats lol