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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pensblog Legends

EASHL makes it pretty tough to earn the final card that caps your attribute stats to 20 points per category. To earn your Legendary Card you must play 150 games with a A- average grade.

Congratulation to our Legendary Players including:

zarley zalapski

Great job guys!!

Wing is the toughest position for earning good grades.
To increase your team play: Avoid turnovers and taking penalties, Kill Power plays, make good passes & Create turnovers.

(Please notify a GM to be added to our legendary list)


...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...

Thank you for changing my post. Dicks.

Duff said...

I changed it for obvious reasons dick. Next time I take it out on your face.

Duff said...


...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...

I'm strangely aroused.

Eric P. said...

You forgot Sons of Liberty on the legend card list

Duff said...

lol.. I got a hate mail forwarded to me from the pensblog staff.

He says he did not know why he was kicked.

I got almost 10 people complaining that he did not pass, had poor dressing room etiquette and the biggest no no of all... had no mic.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Sons of liberty rolls with the gangstas and strippers. He smokers herb everyday. Give the man(debatable) another chance.