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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tPB Legends, part deux

Not more than 5 minutes ago, our own crveza81 finally got his A- after playing 4 or 5 games with Politowski, syniper, DarkJustice, and yours truly.

He hogged the puck in pretty much every game and took 70% of our shots. Also, he scored 90% of our goals, save a ridiculous takeaway and slapshot snipe from Dark.

Just kidding. Eric and I overpassed the entire time and racked up as many secondary assists we could get.

That brings our list of awesomeness to:

zarley zalapski
MrPockets 12

Congratulations to crveza. FUN FACT: eric pointed out that it took crveza the same number of games to get his card as well. Weird.

Quite a flurry of success in the past month. All I can ask you guys is.. what took you so long? Also, who's next?


Zach said...


Dark is next.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Congrats. Dick.

Duff said...

crveza! wOooOOOOOooo!!!

I think Scott is also on the block.