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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pause Glitches

Apparently a few teams discovered a way to possibly win face-offs, but more importantly glitch the game into a looping sequence. The game rubber-bands back and forth between two times, while the person initiating the glitch plays against motionless players and can run up the scores. The process was not revealed but one of the EA bug testers stated it was a complex process.

He also mention that one thing is for certain: on all pauses, let the timer run down to zero (don't press A). This "appears" to be how you can defend against it.


Meat said...

I knew something was up when someone would pause and then I'd always lose the faceoff when I was dominating in real time.

Fucking people, how is it that fucking fun to cheat?

Duff said...

I doubt it was that. They said it is really hard to figure out how to pull it off.. Just make sure you let the clock count down for now on instead of pressing a

bayonetwork said...

Good news (or bad news, if you dislike me)

I should be getting live back after not having it for a couple months. If no one remembers or cares, my tag was ZuluTangoDelta. I wanna be back on the team but it might take me a while to get back to where I was.

Zach said...

Hey Klown, I said I'd be on around 3, but obv there's a Pens game at 3, so I'll be on when it's done.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Nobody cares crveza.

...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...