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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pensblog Cup II Updates

Due to the absence of a great two way forward and a stalwart of Team Pensblog during the tournament due to his impending marriage (congrats wildnoseven), it will be postponed to the end of January. Hopefully everyone will be back and will be able to participate. Oh and crveza81 is apparently leaving too but nobody cares. Dick.

Here is the roster as of now.

I'm contemplating on how to put teams together. Some ideas are: a draft with a few captains (schoolyard style), random teams, choosing your own teams (a klown-crveza[dick] connection might be deemed unfair), or something along those lines. I'm open to suggestions so leave a comment with an idea.

Also a sweet game politowski and yan and possibly wild played. Box score:


chris e said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Apparently I am a creepy old man still playing video games online and only younger than snyper...which makes me feel just wonderful. I appreciate you postponing the entire tourney on my behalf. I promise to score at least one goal......not really, we all know that is a lie. I will show up though.


Meat said...

Hahaha, niiice and congrats

And Pockets, I turned my guy into a center because I can win faceoffs but I can't score a fucking goal to save my life at this moment. If I shoot, it's hitting the boards or going in the upper deck. I'm either awful or in a slump and I'm leaning towards awful.

penzrule said...

You're probably younger than me also Chris.

chris e said...


Zach said...



(jk, congrats)

...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...

crveza you better win me some money for a new xbox. mine's on the fritz.

Duff said...

^ ol'ass gamer
| 4-life

LostAdvenger said...

hey asshats, I'll be back in about a week.

School = reliable internet


Eric P. said...

Yeah, wild was in that game too

Pittsburghler said...

What happened to FFBarton?

Pittsburghler said...

No no no. I'm the Grand Old Man of Team Pensblog. . .34 years old. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you whippersnappers.

By the way. . .Coke doesn't taste the same as it used to when I was your age. And coffee was only a nickel.

Anonymous said...

burghler even though ur the oldest u can still burghlerize ppl and thats wat counts.