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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What A Joke

( BloodAnglesz - 4 players above green highlight)

All Time Low. BloodAngelz.

We were playing a couple games in a row and had a good run going on. We then join a game that matched us up against our old "friends" Russ Muffin and ALLDAY 72, formerly of Team Pensblog and then later Team Pensblog Pros.

So we played the game just to see how we would stack up.

We proceeded to run down on them.

They score a goal in which they walked a goal in accidentally. Then we proceeded to score 5 unanswered goals on their sorry asses. Their top scorer, EFSTRATIOS39, owner of 3001 goals in 1357 games, quit after we scored our third goal, Russ left after we scored our 5th.

ALLDAY 72 then proceeded to continually press pause trying to be a joke at life and succeeds in causing the game to freeze so they would not get a loss.

(Proof They fail at life)

They were constantly cherry picking and leaving the zone as soon as our team lost the puck.

We thought we would be in for a tough game. Crveza and Pockets with 2 goals, Eric with 1, and Dark and Syniper chipping in with a healthy portion of assists.

Their record of 49-6-1 is a sham. They do that crap every game they are losing in.

Russ Muffin and ALLDAY 72 refused to answer our questions as to why they decided to be jokes.

(tPB Penguins Eric P Final score 5) (BloodAnglesz Allday Final score 1)
Plus they skated like juicers. Rumor is after the game they went over Charlies house to practice reach arounds while beating off two D-men.


Meat said...

But..But..But they were the Pens Blog Pros, they said anyone who ever glitched and shit were jokes!

Barton said...

That's sad, man. Just sad.

WookieNaas002 said...

looks like were the real pro team

Pens_Yan said...

Another joke team wearing the crapitals jersey...Danglicious abrv. 313. Crveza, Eric, Barton and I lost 3-1 against them. Here's how they scored their first 2 goals :

That guy (#87) was fast as hell, pucks would always bounce right back to him, Barton and I could barely check him and he served Eric a one-punch K.O.

Eric P. said...

"and he served Eric a one-punch K.O."

Proof he was juicing.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Everybody ko's eric. he's garbage

Russ Tundra said...

LMAO you guys take this game way too seriously.. haha WookieNaas002 you might want to drop a few pounds. Tub O' Lard.

And you guys weren't juicing?? Yinz can kiss my ass. you all still suck any way.

Eric P. said...

Actually Russ, we all worked hard to unlock our legend cards. You know, that card that you'll never have?

So you don't take the game seriously either? Then why couldn't you guys live with that loss?

We're having a rematch after the patch, and we're gonna beat your sorry asses again. Bet on it.

zarley zalapski said...

Oh Russ, what a character.

I gotta give you props, though. Great job getting to division 1 with PBP. Even better job keeping the team together and actually playing.

Please don't come crying to us next time you need a team to play with. You're a shame to the entire Pensblog community.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Haha you could at least insult us without being hypocritical...

Also perhaps you could insult someone who actually delivered the beat down to your "team".

wookie was not involved so you insulting him just makes you further look like a tool.

for you to claim that we take this game too seriously... aren't you the one who started a new team because we weren't good enough? then you came crawling back to us because everyone left you and now you are on a new team that got schooled despite you juicing and glitching at every turn?

perhaps you are the one who sucks. you've been "buckled"

Mr Pockets 12 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Russ Tundra said...

LMAO I'm glad to see that you guys get off you asses to actually post bull shit up on the boards. BTW if you would actually join in on my Party invites that I sent over and over. Maybe there would of been an answer. BTW Pockets. I really don't know why I come into a room and all of a sudden I get kicked out of it. and whenever I say hello like 5 times whenever there is 6 other people in the room and I don't get an answer... that Pussifies your whole team. Take a look at the pro team... It is Divisions ahead of you guys still. And that was a legit team. I really don't regret kicking all of you poor fucks off of our team. LMAO have fun kids...

Eric P. that would be awesome if we did.... why don't you give packets a reach around too when ever you two get back from Kindergarten class..

BTW Pens Blog Adam Yeah We did get our asses handed to us. Too bad I lagged out.


WookieNaas002 - Did you eat Breastons lunch whenever you went to school with him?? cause it sure looks like it.

Eric P. said...

Russ, who is packets?

Today in Kindergarten we drew water paintings. I made one of you and then wiped my ass with it.

Russ Tundra said...

have fun kids... enjoy life and

Go Pens.

Do It.

Eric P. said...

Enjoy your juice Russ!

Russ Tundra said...

you too Eric P!!!!

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Actually russ the party collapsed when you juicing self entered the party and all of us were kicked out. I sent you a message saying that.

Also i repeatedly invited you back into the party so you can explain yourself to your fellow pensbloggers. You refused and decided to pretend to sign offline so we wouldn't make you confess or at least pin the blame on someone else.

Also whats with the personal attacks? Wookie didn't do anything to you except state that we have now usurped team pensblog pros as the team pensblog.

Poor poor russ... not really sure where all this internet hatred came from. You were all apologies when you actually decided to respond to our messages. Too bad we don't need to cheat to win. We had always held tpbp in high regard until you told us you guys glitched... so oh well keep juicing and we'll keep having fun and winning games against sorry juicers and glitchers such as yourself.

zarley zalapski said...

i love all these unwarranted personal attacks. a real stand up guy that russ muffin.

Duff said...

wait a second
wait a second
wait a second.....

"And you guys weren't juicing?? Yinz can kiss my ass. you all still suck any way."
- Russ Tundra

They were juicing and still got WTFPWNT 5-1? If we suck... there is no word that describes how terrible their team is. Next time we beat juicers... "wow, what a bunch of russ tundras"

The reason why PBP quit... After EA took away the glitch curve shot from the blue line, they can't score goals anymore unless they cheat.

Pensblog pros are officially dead.
Would someone please delete the team? We would not want them to give our team a bad name by association.

chris e said...

Hey Russ-

Go find a ditch and die.


Barton said...

Um, all juicing and glitching aside...isn't Russ calling anyone fat like the pot calling the kettle black? What a fat fuck. Have a little dignity, guy.

kevonic622 said...


kevonic622 said...

dear team pens blog...

i use to be on pensblog pros until we split for some reason...

can i haz join?

someone send me a friend request or something im sick of looking for a team...

oh if it helps im good and i play real hockey so i know whats up

SpartanBH said...

Russ. Don't ever fucking insult my friend Mark (Wookie) again, especially without any reason too. At least he is a good guy and doesn't cheat anyone (Unlike someone we know here, his name starts with an R and rhymes with Uss Muffin). You're telling us to grow up when you are the one acting all "BIG MAN" around here. I do believe the more manlier people are the ones who play video games for fun and just to relax, like we do. We take it seriously but our who mission is to just have fun while playing. Have fun with your Juicy Juice though, just makes you look pretty low :D.

WookieNaas002 said...

what do barry bonds and russ "i make fat jokes even if im fat" muffin have in common, thier both fine purveyors of juice! seriously, you guys are just mad because you got upstaged by youre"inferiors", but when you juice, glitch , and cheat. we really know who is inferior.

TheFandangler said...

I'm on tPB ps3. Those guys have sucked since day one.

Pittsburghler said...

I've been saying this for months. I knew if we took our best players (and whether our best players were playing is debateable, no offense), that we'd kick their asses.

Pensblog Pros. . .tell me how my ass tastes!

Great job showing those frauds what time it is! Hopefully next year the EAHSL will overhaul its ranking ssystem and allow teams to "decide it on the ice".

What this country desperately needs is an EAHSL playoff!