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Monday, September 29, 2008

Team Pensblog Update

Team PensBlog Record: 118-98-14
Ranked 50th in Division 2.

(as of 1:45am)

While I was online tonight, Team PensBlog had a run in with the legendary, amazing, and pathetic, Air Force One. (Why pathetic? the fact that their top 4 players have played over 200 games makes them pathetic.)

First mention of the night goes to Rednib, shOe8, syniper, Free Candyman, Mr Pockets 12(me), and especially EnsErmac. Leave a comment and I'll add whoever the missing person was.

Anyway, we finally got a game going with 6 players - only problem was that none of us had ever played goalie before. EnsErmac stepped up and decided to try his hand at goaltending. It was at this point that I realized we were currently entering a game against the No. 2 ranked team in the world Air Force One... with a rookie goalie... and a generally overmatched team.

So what did we proceed to do?
But if there is such a thing as a good loss it was this game. We took the play to them early on and at the beginning of the 3rd period we were only down 2-1. But they played an extremely sound game blocking shots like they are the supernatural spawn of Mark Eaton and Max Talbot. In the end it was not meant to be and they got a couple late goals to win the game 5-1. Sounds pathetic but it was a well played game for us against the elite of the elite. Anyway thank you to EnsErmac for stepping up and playing his ass off.

All in all Team PensBlog went 5-2 while I was online, losing only to Air Force One and DREAM KILLERS, ranked 2nd and 3rd in the world respectively. I did not play against DREAM KILLERS so someone that did post a rundown of that game in the comments section if you could (I'm curious).

When Xbox Live comes back online Tuesday, everyone representing Team PensBlog needs to get online and play. The more games we play, the higher we climb in the standings. So Get Out and Vote Play!

Tutorial for new and talent challenged players coming tomorrow. It'll help bring up that terrible +/-.
AMC I'm looking at you! (jk don't use your powers for evil. We all know how that +/- came to be.)

P.S. I don't care if my grammar sucks because i know it does.


Pensblog Staff said...

For the Dream Killers, we were down 5-0 halfway through the first period and quit the game out.
It wasn't gonna be pretty.

penzrule said...

Sorry I could only play one game yesterday. If the servers are up tonight I'll play some, if not then I'll see you on the ice tomorrow night!

Free Candyman said...

The last guy was me. I tried my best to dish out as much free candy and block as many shots as possible, but it was tough.

They won the battle, but we will win ... the next battle.

Duff said...

I hit more pipe than a crack head on the first of the month last night.

PensUK said...

im an awesome goalie, i'll play next time :D:D

Mr Pockets 12 said...

I thought it was you candyman but there were many people on last night and i confused myself. Air Force One were all very good and they played their positions perfectly. We somehow stayed in the game with them hitting posts on wide open nets and diving poke checks.

knutsen23 said...

wow it was fun last night, my first online league game, and first shot first goal. :D
thanks guys look forward to playing once live comes back on

bayonetwork said...

if someone can fix a post by jrkrush a while back, you can gain attribute points by playing 20 games and maintaining a c+ average, which happens to be the card you unlock (rookie or pro?)

Duff said...

Does anyone know what effects your athletics grade in be a pro mode?

EnsErmac said...

The Air Force One loss really turned the corner for us. To prove our worth we won the next few games. With myself as a D-Man.

assklown 666 said...

I can't remember what we went on Saturday, but we had a pretty good showing. Too busy to get on last night, unfortunately.

Pensblog Staff said...

i'm looking forward to working with ensermac as a defensive pair.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

yeah he was pretty sweet at D. Candy was pretty sick too.

Duff said...

mr pockets, I (syniper) have some stuff for you... contact me if amc does not get it to your first.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

syniper i shot you an email... what's this about?