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Saturday, September 27, 2008


First off, PAAA picked up its 100th win in franchise history on Saturday night.

Siu completely took the game over, and Caldwell was lucky enough to bury this with 3.6 seconds left.

The animosity around here sucks.
There's no two ways about it.

So, here's the deal.


Having the online community that has grown at the Pensblog is built for the EASHL.
We're all pretty fortunate to have one big team, let alone two teams for the 360.
Jumping online and playing is what it's all about.

With that being said, we've also wanted to put a limit on players who are on the team.
We just don't want a team with 200 players on it or some shit.

Starting next Sunday, October 5, roster cuts are going to start being made.
We understand that school and shit is going on.
But a lot of people are just taking up space.

People are online playing nearly every night from 9:00pm - 12:00pm.
There will be no excuse if you don't start playing games.

We aren't Stalins and Hitlers and shit.
But there just has to be some structure.



We don't want to leave anyone out in the cold.
Everyone should be able to use the Pensblog to catapult onto a deep EASHL team.

Leave your gamertag in these comments, and you will be added.
We're just getting our shit together right now.

If someone is definitely devoted to being a GM among this new surplus of members,
let us know in the comments.

Don't say you'll be a GM just for the novelty of it.
A senior in high school just going through the motions this school year would be ideal.

We reiterate.
Only say you're interested in GM status if you're willing and able.


rcp5029 said...


jrkrush2112 said...

I'm liking this idea.

Snakes said...

I'm up for the AAA league. Gamertag = snakes7

teamkory said...

my gamertag is knutsen23
i will be a very active member, looking to try out online league for first time tonite please add. thx u

condog22471 said...

My gamertag is P DUPUIS

I play all the time as I am in college and have nothing better to do.

Plus you have to add me with a gamertag like that

coheedboy4 said...

my gamertag is Zero2113
im in college and have lots of free time

coheedboy4 said...

and i forgot to say id like to be a GM cuz im willing and able

bayonetwork said...


UPJGuy said...

Hey, what positions are you looking for?

Will play D or Winger.

GT: Shad0w X Elite


wilsmith said...

tag: aw krmst

Tim said...


Thanks! Really looking forward to it.

bayonetwork said...

you know ill be a GM.


EnsErmac said...

I'm game for the AAA team, GT = EnsErmac

Jim said...

I just want to be on a team. AAA sounds good to me.

Gamertag = Vincent8Freeman

kcz293 said...

my gamertag is ging3rballz

Free Candyman said...

I like this idea. I am on a team but it is very inactive and I don't much enjoy always doing the random game searches. My gamertag is Free Candyman.

rcp5029 said...

Siu > *

Clutch city.

sparks28 said...

im definately in gamertag sharpshooter87

Zach said...

crveza81 here.

I'm completely oblivious to how technology works, but I've been crushing the versus ranked games, and the offline BAP.

Hook me up for whatever team.

<3 Pensblog (in a gay way)

WJK said...

I would love to join the 360 team!

GAMERTAG: BlueCollarMan

Jamie said...

can i get a team club invite? my gamertag is theguiltyfew

Sean said...

Hope I'm not too late

xbox live name - bravada442

Statictrance said...

Gamertag = Statictrance... RW currently, just started playing (was waiting for pesonen via roster update, then realized i could just trade him from Kaerpaet to the pens myself). But yeah, really looking foward to it.

billy.caplan said...

Gamertag: noxious firefox Lets kick some ass

Jesse Marshall said...

gamertag: jmarshhh

I'll add you as well.

Lario Melieux said...

Player Name: Lario Melieux
Current Team: The Smokers Club

My guy is a 5'9" 182lb. dangling winger, but I can play defense and center too. I'm up to a superstar (or whichever card is below legend) and I can't fucking get my grade up to an A- no matter how hard I try. But anyways, I blow at goalie, love the Penguins, fucking despise that sorry cheapshot excuse for an NHL organization, the Philadelphia Flyers, and I love NHL 09.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pensblog had a team when I came on here for gameday. I thought I saw Russ Muffin's name mentioned on here somewhere, pretty sure I've played with/against you in OTP.

So someone send me an invite if you get the chance and we'll see how it goes. Or maybe I'll send a message to someone on the team in the next few days.


Brenden said...


looking forward to it

Matt M. said...

Dr McSham. Can't wait to play, boys.

Todd said...

Add me please.....OneSmugPug

neipo13 said...

signing up for the AAA team GT= neipo13

MrTurtleFace said...

definitely down for Team Pensblog Action...gamertag = MrTurtleFace

Nate said...

GamerTag = MercyfulNate

I'm good.

Travis said...

I'd like to see how I can do.

Kovo89 is the gamertag.