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Sunday, September 28, 2008


How do I edit my attributes for online play?

When you start EASHL, and each time you reach an online milestone, like playing 20 games with at least an overall SR of C+, you will receive 3 attribute points in offense, defense, and athleticism. To apply these to your player, form the main menu select "Performance Tracker," and then select "Edit Attributes." Then a screen will show with your online player, and an edit attributes screen. Here you can apply the attributes you have earned to your online player.

Can I change my Player Type for online play?

Yes. Go into edit pro, and change your player type. This will be applied to your EASHL player. Also, when you change your player type, all of the attributes you have earned reset, so that you may reapply them.

We voted on wearing the '91-'92 jerseys, but when I play we wear the RBK Edge.

This is simply because in the GM screen, we can only pick the team whose jerseys we will wear. Not the style. To wear the '91-'92's, when you start a club game, instead of pressing "A" at the ready screen, see who is captain. If you are captain, DO NOT press "A" right away. Instead press "X." This will bring you to a select jersey screen. Here you can choose between any of the jersey's, except for the new alternate. After EA releases the code this jersey will then be selectable.

Speaking of, when will EA release the jersey code?

Honestly, I have no idea. But after last year's being leaked, and the owners pissed cause their new jersey were out before they unveiled, chances are that EA will be tight lipped until that last alternate is unveiled. Currently 4/18 are unveiled.

I am a douche bag who skates around hitting people and taking penalties nonstop.
Can I be on the team?


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