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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here are the release notes for the second patch.

Exploit fixes:

-Prevent players from entering games with attributes that are raised beyond the level they can reach with the card they are entitled to have. Players who have elevated their attributes this way should reset their character by changing the type and reassigning their points. Wooo
-Limit the size of human goalies in OTP/EASHL games to 6'4" (NOTE: it will still allow them to be set larger, but the actual height in game will not go above the new limit). More Wooo
-Fixed some problems that could cause the game to hang or go out of sync when pausing.
- Prevent use of LB to get up instantly after being knocked over. Whatev
-Reduce accuracy of shooting while using vision control to skate backwards. Wooo
-Prevent high, accurate slap shots from in close to the net. Wooo

Other changes:

-Reduced the ease of beating the goalie on the short side. Wooo
-Decrease the tendency of the goalies to use a desperation save unnecessarily. Wooo cuz we score anyway
-Strict calling of interference, though you can still clear players directly in front of the net without getting called for interference. Wooo for disciplined players. Booo for Yan, Barton, Syniper, Candyman, Eric, Eric, Eric, Zero, Zulu, Eric, Nikrandt, Eric etc.
-Added stick lift to Classic controls using LB+X(XBox) /L1+Square(PS3). It is also on R3 (press Right Stick). Wooo for Eric, Barton. Whatev for normal people.
-Fixed shot targeting using the Always Up control when skating down ice.
-Added new NHL rule to locate face- offs in the attacking zone to start a powerplay. Wooo
- Prevent CPU players from getting delay of game penalties frequently while clearing the puck from their zone.
- Prevent puck from being poke checked away from the goalie when he has it covered under his glove. Didn't realize it was that big of an issue.
-Reduced the amount of time it takes to get control of the last man back, holding RT(Xbox)/R2(PS3) offline
-Reduced the amount of time it takes to get control of the goalie, holding LB+A(Xbox)/L1+X(PS3) offline
-Reduce the range of heights on randomly generated CPU players, including goalies.
-Eliminate the ability to accelerate and maintain high speed while stick lifting.
-More penalties for high sticking when stick lifts are done from behind the opponent. Meh.
-Made the colours of the OTP/EASHL indicators more distinct (yellow and orange). Wooooooo
-Made face-off outcomes slightly more random and slightly less dependent on attributes.
-Added assistance to prevent one-timer and shot attempts from leading to accidental hits and interference penalties. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo
-Goalie tuning to increase goal-scoring a bit to compensate for taking away the easy short-side high goals. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
-Improve hit stat tracking to not count all of the small bumps in front of the net.
-Increased injuries caused by CPU teams.
-Prevent puck from being launched with very high speed following a hit.
-AI tuning for superstar. The Aggression slider now affects how intense the CPU team is on that difficulty level.

The patch is out for PS3, but not yet for Xbox360.

Should be about a week or so.

Do it.


zarley zalapski said...

Sounds like a dream.

"More penalties for high sticking when stick lifts are done from behind the opponent"
Damnit. When else is a stick lift appropriate?

zarley zalapski said...


"Strict calling of interference, though you can still clear players directly in front of the net without getting called for interference."

That nulls the LB glitch fix at least. I hope they don't call more interference when you're trying to hit the guy that's near the puck along the boards.

Barton said...

Wow. Epic. That's a lot more fixes than I had expected. Also, I think I might like to get used to the stick lifting, however, I believe it will probably lead to me taking even MORE penalties than before, which is something I'm trying to cut out of my game if I want to get above the B+ I'm at now.

Man, life's hard decisions are tough...

LostAdvenger said...

Shit, now I need a reason to hit people.

Duff said...


Duff said...


Pens_Yan said...

Probably a bit too late for that patch...juicers that were a bit good might all have their legend cards by now. Juicers that weren't any good probably will stop playing

chris e said...

Yan = DebbieDowner

zarley zalapski said...

A bad player is a bad player, even with a legend card. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to the cards getting reset either. I'm up for a little challenge..

Barton, start playing center if you don't already. 2 assists or a goal every game for an A+ in stats. Either that or defense with a point every game.

Duff said...

I check often. Most of the time the juicers don't have legend cards.

bayonetwork said...

woooo can't wait

and is everyone getting a card?

kevonic622 said...

yayyyy finally i dont have to worry about people beating me because they juice! now im back on top! woooooo

also, they better call every interference call if i cant LB glitch anymore

kevonic622 said...

call every interference call...dur im stupid durrr

Pittsburghler said...
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Pittsburghler said...

Your favorite Defenseman/Gonzo Porn Star, Captain Stabbin' was relentless tonight in overtime against the British Biulldogs, or Great Britain, or whoever. . .

I think that's the Dynamite Kid who I pokechecked the puck away from. . .

Evan said...

When is this patch supposed to come out?

Evan said...

Nevermind. I accidentally skipped over the last line of the post

Justin said...
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Dark Justice said...

Interference calls!!!!!!!!!! Which means when im standing at the blue line and the puck is behind the net i cant get beat up anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

Duff said...

div 1 ranked 36 team 8 it!
GJ Klown Packets Garbage & Niker
That was a great game!

chris e said...

pockets, I need your email address...if you dont want to give it out shoot me an email at thanks.


EnsErmac said...

While you guys beat the 36th ranked team. The other group beat a bunch of French Canadian juicers

zarley zalapski said...

div 1 ranked 36 team 8 it!
GJ Klown Packets Garbage & Niker
That was a great game!

especially after they did the LT breakaway for the lead on their 2nd goal


Mr Pockets 12 said...

Chris E, wild, I emailed you yesterday...

Anthony said...

I used to be a part of team pensblog but got deleted for some reason. I was wondering if you guys could reinvite me, my gamertag is blackngold1125

WookieNaas002 said...

the jobbing saga of russ muffin is not over, he recently attacked me on one of my youtube videos
i find this funny