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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Avoiding the Pause Glitch

Recently saw this post on Eashl Forums
So, the game is finally over, you won! Wait a minute... the grades show up right away and you don't get the menu like you normally do. They pause glitched the game and the game will not count if;

1) If you press "A", the game will proceed to "Waiting for users" and keep looping forever.
2) If you go back to your dashboard thinking the game "froze" or "lagged out"

So, to prevent them from getting what they wanted... simply press "Start" when the grades show up (DONT PRESS "A"), it will bring up the regular end-game menu, simply quit out of the game like any other game you would've quit. It is very important that everyone on your team presses start and quits out like a regular game. If anybody presses "A" or goes to the dashboard, you're toast. That game won't count and you officially wasted the last half hour.

This will prevent the game from lagging out and never getting your "W".

Hopefully this will help a lot of people to get their rightfully deserved wins.

So it turns out only 2 people need to press start at the end game screen for the game to count but everyone should do it anyway just to be safe.

(Go Patch!)


Duff said...

still waiting for the patch..

LostAdvenger said...

Log Date: February 2_, 2009. 1:28pm

The sun is shining. No patch yet.

Duff said...

Thursday morning.... no patch

Meat said...

I'm sure we all said a collective Shit.

chris e said...

A little off topic but oh well. There are a ton of great topics being discussed at

Here is one about equipment....

Kinda cool....