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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Single Defenseman Tips

Working with a computer Defenseman can be tricky. They tend to get burnt so you can't rely on them. You kinda have to pretend it does not exist most of the time.

2 on 2 situations with a computer D is actually a 2 on 1 situation. That means you have to take the open man and leave the goalie take the puck carrier. I try to make a quick "faux" move towards the puck carrier very early to either force a pass or hopefully push him out towards the boards. Then I go back to the open man to take away the pass.

I found the best place for the computer D is in front of the net to help stop the cross crease passes. Again the D is easy to get around so I often set my defensive strategy to protect the net.

The computer D is a great back door play when you don't have a passing lane up ice.

"Streaking" plays are more successful at times with a computer D because the player who's streaking can call for the pass. A human player will have a problem passing to the streaking player because the AI influences the pass to the closest man.

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