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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Black List Details

This list will be updated as we come across cheaters.

- Abbrev: 1nF Jerseys: Washington Capitals - Div 1 Rank 4 - 584-59-26*

Flying Hindus - Abbrev: WWF Jerseys: Filthydelphia Phantoms - Div 1 Rank 35 - 526-59-15* (glitches non stop, accuses us of juicing? Says my 86 speed and Shoe's 80 speed was 95. Right.)

Grocery Store Beer - Abbrev: GSB Jerseys: Rochester Amerks - 3 goals on 5 shots - fast as hell ridiculous shots. dicks. the usual.

Montreal Wolves - Div 3 Rank 24 - 304-96-15*

Pure Garbage - Div 1 Rank 39 - 427-33-17* Abbrev: 1pg Jerseys: St. Louis Blues (juicers)

Purple Cobraz - Gay - Div 1 Rank 13 - 529-47-17* Jerseys: Manchester Monarchs

seansheans mom - Div 2 Rank 48 - 268-78-12* Jerseys: San Jose Sharks (hardcore glitchers)

THE MOB - Div 1 Rank 49 - 994-349-69* Abbrev: MOB Jerseys: Lappeenranta Saipa(quit out against teams better than themselves)

The Vultures - Div 3 Rank 92 - 250-126-30* Abbrev: VUL Jerseys: Toronto Maple Leafs (juicers, coktar had 2 goals in the game I played against them, I had a hat trick and I scored from my own end on their awful goalie)

UHL Elite - Div 1 Rank 20 - 1199-177-51*

Well Worth it - Div 4 Rank 72 - 430-159-43* Jerseys: Nashville Predators (glitchers)

XxDREAM TEAMxX - Div 1 Rank 9 - 1134-160-48* Abbrev: xXx Jerseys: North Stars (Juicers and glitchers! Fun!)

*Record obtained though cheating/bitching out.


Duff said...

Again, can we work on getting the three initials for each team? You can't see the team's name while setting up a game. Don't want to have to wait until you get into the arena to see if they cheat or not ya know?

Mr Pockets 12 said...

I tried earlier today while compiling this list i attempted to find the abbreviations by searching for the teams but the searching for the teams doesn't show abbreviations

...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...

At least team jerseys would help. I recall infamous being the Capitals, and someone mentioned that the purple cobraz were the Monarchs.

Pens_Yan said...

XxDREAM TEAMxX : abrev xXx, played as 90's North Stars...

Jon said...

I joined Dream Team 3 days ago. We do not glitch, im a 5'9 dangler with 88 speed. We played you guys a day or so ago and beat you pretty bad. no reason to be poor sports.

Jonny Five

XxBlack RafalskixX28 said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Dream Team. Juicers? Glitchers? Please explain yourself. We had about 14 minutes of time on attack to your 45 seconds. get real. we work the puck around like a straight up European team. We are all legit. there are no 99's on our team. swear on my life. my significant stats are these-first of all i play right defense. i am set as a playmaker. i am wearing the 13" blades.
i have 90 passing and a 95 slapshot accuracy. i have a 95 defensive awareness. 85 acceleration and 85 speed. 100 percent legit legend card stats. you guys are div 7. we r 8th in the world. you cant really expect to beat us. ASK SHAMMERS. ASK DIRTY MICROWAVES. ASK SNIPERS UNITED. we are not juiced. way stay legit. sorry haters butt we aint gettin banned from the playoffs. u guys wont even make it to D1. and pensblog pros wont either. so all u little minor leaguers should think about who ur playin b4 u assume people are juicing.

XxBlack RafalskixX28 said...

clarification i meant you guys wont make it to d1 and pensblog pros wont get to the playoffs. and honsestly i could care less if u think we are juiced. that just means ull ger scared of us and leave. saves us time when we could be playing a good team.

Zach said...

Us having a list will have nothing to do with you being banned from EA or Xbox or anything.

We're simply compiling a list of teams that we feel had potential for being cheaters or juicers, etc. It's not a huge deal, we'll probably never match up again.

Most of us just play this game to have fun, blow off some steam, etc. We like to win, but we don't care much about Div 1 or anything like that. IMHO.

For the most part, we like to be able to play good hockey. That might be a bit different than good NHL 09. There are some goals that get scored that are simply not realistic, and we try to avoid the teams that do that. We avoid the teams that constantly attempt the slap-around, etc.

If you feel like you've been falsely accused, then so be it. This list means nothing outside of this group of 50 or fewer people.

If you aren't glitching and juicing, then I'm happy for you. I don't remember exactly who you are, or if I played against you, but if you're clean, then congrats on playing good hockey.


- Zach (crveza81)

Pens_Yan said...

if my memory is good, wich is not always the case...I think we played a good first half against least it wasn't more than a 2 goal game. But these guys were passing by everyone (due to their 13" blades!) we couldn't poke the puck, it would bounce back to them and they scored at least 2 if not 3 glitch goals. Than we quit at 5-1 in the middle of the 3rd because we had no fun playing what we felt was a bunch of juicers.

Enjoy Vancouver


...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...

George Bush doesn't care about black people.

Justin said...

I know he doesn't.


Mr Pockets 12 said...

Hahahahahaha. random much?

...zurrley.. zalumpskeet?? said...

Just ask Kanye.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

I knew what you were referencing but still extremely random lol

Duff said...

The funny thing is that the game data is being stored on a server DB and everyone who juices will be dealt with. It is cake for them to find out if points are greater than 20. Count your days xx dream team xx... they are numbered.

Pens_Yan said...

Eric, Wild and I played TRIBAL RAGE...won 3-2 in the longest 60min game I've ever played...if you need to practice that LB glitch, it's the perfect team to help you with that! Here a pic of the final scoreboard :

they had 119 hits after 1 period!

here some additionnal info on TRIBAL RAGE :
division 210, 29-100-12...
on guy has 124G in 230GP (most of 'em ol'wrist shot glitch) rest of the team (6 other guys) combine for 12G in 338 GP

their goon, Britches POOPSTICK, who spent at least 25 minutes in the box in the game we played has just over 4000 hits in 57 games

biggest jokes ever!

chris e said...

Wow! I cannot even believe they got 8 shots on goal. Did they even try to score? Jokes.


Meat said...

thats a fucking retarded excuse for a team

chris e said...

Eric and CandyMan, correct me if I am wrong but I think the teams initials were TUL. Anyway, they wear Maple Leafs jerseys and I have a message from one of them actually admitting that people on his team juice...

Pens_Yan said...

Add SH Snipers to the Black list abrev:SHS, Jersey: Blackhawks

juicers...scored glitch goal at 4-1 in the 3rd and were like 4 goals on less than 10 shots

Anonymous said...

add Team xtreme Content for glitching and possibly juicing

abb. is TxC

Anonymous said...

and the play as the phili flyers.........douchebags

slow elk said...

We played you guys the other night (pre-patch) and lost in OT. fisheyed fools is our team name. You guys were a class act and we enjoyed the game. watch out for teams like Pure Garbage b/c they can still do the .5 sec glitch where the game will not count. Try to rag the puck for the last 15 seconds against teams like that.