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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Roster Updates

So there have been some roster modifications today... namely removal of players that have played less than ten games in the one and a half or so months the game has been out. If you are a new player to the team we took that into account as was the case with P DUPUIS etc. If you have been playing regularly with the "regulars" you shouldn't have been "modified." If you have been removed and feel as if you have been wronged or insulted by this grievous offense, grow up and drop the gamertag in the comments and you shall be reinstated.

This is not a open team for anyone to join. This is a team for followers of the website If you are looking for a team to join there are plenty of teams around. If you are a pensblog follower for more than the past week drop your gamertag in the comments as well. Leave the gamertag and we'll message you.


Josh F said...


I would love to play with you guys!Please!

Pittsburghler said...

Dudes, our line definitely had some chemistry last night.

Back to back shutouts? Check

Sick Penalty Kill? Check.

'Burghler skating on your rinkz getting huge assistz? Check.

I can't remember the whole lineup, but I think it was Zero, DarkJustice, Pittsburghler (me). . .crap, I can't remember now.

At any rate, we were sick nasty with it. Look forward to bringing it to some more fools Thursday night.

Duff said...

Yeah it is nice when things click... A couple days ago we had three games in a row where the other team quit after we went up 3-0 in the first.

jrkrush2112 said...

i was there with ya pittsburghler

DeJohn11 said...

i definitely want to play


bayonetwork said...

yea Zulu was there too.

so me, jr, zero, pittsburghler and dark justice.

the money team.

Rob said...

Hey guys, my xbox live name is rjpucla, I just wanted to let you know that my XBOX Red Ringed on me, and it has been being "fixed" for 3 weeks now. Once I get it back I will be playing a lot more!

David said...


I'll play if you guys are looking to add. I play LW usually, but would be willing to consider D or even G if necessary.

Sean said...

I got dropped. Thought I was playing pretty regularly (2x a week). I didn't get added until about the 10th or so of October. I'd like to be added back on if possible.

gamertag - Bravada 442