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Monday, October 13, 2008

Backstrom Moment Part 3

Not much writing for this one because it is 1:49am and I have a 9:00 class...

Video 1: Proof this game hates me.

Video 2: Legame doing what Legame does.

I actually meant to do that.

Video 3: Proof that I suck at this game.

Video 4: Poke check. Bitches.

Video 5: Zero's goaltending prowess. Back to back shutouts. Amazing stuff. Good thing he didn't face more than 6 shots in each game.

Leave any videos you feel are Backstromy enough to post. Those of you still needing to be added to the team leave a comment and you will get added only if you are active and will actually play the game. We have many people who have played less than 5 games online. Those people who have been inactive will be removed soon. If you are removed and you feel you should not be then leave a comment. EnsErmac i know you have xbox problems don't worry.


Duff said...

About removing people...

I played with a guy last night who did not have a mic and played defense. Well He was supposed to play defense.. He played more like a hybrid between a center and a winger.... all over the place.

It is one thing to suck but still have a good time with the guys by communicating..

But I think it is not good for the team if we have some guy who does whatever he wants and never communicates with us... What is the point of being part of the team?

SH0EBS (I forget how to spell it) has a broken mic, but he uses the chat and he plays his position that he gets assigned to.

assklown 666 said...

Yeah I know who you're talking about... I think it was bravada and some random numbers at the end???

Great games last night. Shut down defense. Not back to back SOs though. Shutout first game (5 shots, haha), 2-1 victory the 2nd (breakaway goal), 4-0 victory the 3rd (9 shots maybe?).

Why can't we always play defense that well?

BTW, I don't have much homework to do tonight, so I might be on earlier in the evening if anyone wants to jump on.

BobFarls said...

Hey guys, I'm interested in getting on to the AAA pensblog team. Gamertag is: RFar9

I'll play any position you think you guys need, outside of goalie.

Hit me up, I'll work my butt off out there if you need some help.

I've got the free time, I'll be active, I usually play the game in some capacity almost everyday.

chris e said...


I hope to be on after work at around 6ish.


Evan said...

I am interested in joining your team. My gamertag is Evan52592. I asked you in another thread but I never got an invite.


Duff said...

best thing to do is go to club search... look up TPB.

Find out who the GMs are...

Send the GM's a message.. include how you know about the team.

Then you might get a message back saying he/she invited you...

Go into club search again, this time press down the right analog control stick to enter into your inbox and accept the invite.

Evan said...

I sent a message to one of the gm's but he wouldnt send me an invite unless I told him what the blogs favorite word is.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in getting in on the team.. i made a team myself but never really got anyone that played, definitely looking to find people who play more often...

I'll play any position aside from goalie (just cause i haven't played it at all)

GT : neipo13

Mr Pockets 12 said...

fyi you must be a frequent pensblogger. No just trolling for teams and hoping to jump onto this team. I should have made that clear...

Evan said...

If that be the case, I can start reading the blog. I have now for the past few weeks or so.

Joshua said...


Joshua said...

I actually just got turned on to this site... I went to a practice and saw a girl taking pictures with the logo on her bag, so I jumed on here and have been addicted ever since. You guys have one of my favorite sites. I would personally like to thank you for taking time out of my shitty job everyday, and give a little glimmer of sunshine.

Clayton said...

I would like to play for the pensblog team.

Gamertag name for 360 is:
x scar3cr0w x

I'm a power forward with 20+ games experience so far Send message notifying me. On mostly every night.

Duff said...

I have a theory. The computer player skill attributes are an average of of the human players. Perhaps the goalie attributes are averaged from our goalie skill points as well???

Do we all have our goalie skill points applied?

Duff said...

Ranking Rumors:


you need about 4 wins for each loss to move up

on average wins = 20 points, on average losses = -70 points


The more people playing in a game has an effect on the points earned/loss


The grades of each player playing in a game has an effect on the points earned/loss


A shut out has an effect on the points earned/loss


Josh F said...

im an my email and my game tag mixed up.. if you are still looking for players