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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Stuff

Team Pensblog has had a pretty rough past week or so. On Saturday or Sunday, due to about a 9 or 10 game losing streak, the team was in Division 9. Let me repeat that for you, Division 9.

Now the team has rebounded somewhat due to hard work by syniper, ZeroRandomNumbers, Zulu, ScottRandomNumbers, zarley zalapski(formerly assklown 666, 063), Free Candyman, LostDefender, DarkJustice, the prodigal son Meats A Hoo, and Yan.

Keep up the winning because for those of you who allowed that losing streak to take place, shame on you. Play some practice mode because you can't bring that weak ass stuff into this humby bumpy!


assklown063 said...

division 5 bitches! yikes.

If we had been winning over the weekend like we have the past few days, we might be back in D2 or 3.

Meat said...

like Pockets said, Division 5 isnt that bad when I get on Sunday night and see division 9.

Lot of people playing good to get back that fast.

bayonetwork said...

ive been getting 2 or three points a game on average lately.

assklown = the master at passes to the slot.

and i think we were in division 10 at one point. i could be wrong though


Pittsburghler said...

I think a better marketing slogan would be "I'm not in"

"Have you tried clearing your cache?" comes in a close second.

Justin said...

I appreciate the shoutout! I do what I can to help.

Mr Pockets 12 said...

Justin what's the gamertag so i can put the name to the player

Justin said...