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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Offensive Attributes

Wrist shot accuracy
-Accuracy of all shots other than slapshots

Wrist shot power
-Power of all shots other than slapshots

Puck Control
-Related to the deking effect of shooting, good puck control prevents the loss of accuracy
-Ability to keep the puck when bumped or there is stick to stick contact on the puck carrier

-Quality of loose puck dekes
-Speed of right stick deking
-Effect on shot accuracy while deking (O'RLY)

Slap Shot Accuracy
-Accuracy of slap shots

Slap Shot Power
-Power of slap shots

-Magnitude of the effect on quality of passes outside of the player's field of view (see Off.Aware)
-Also affects the likelihood of pass interception, e.g. a good passer affects opponents ability to intercept passes. This is old stuff, I do not like this artificial approach at all, it should just affect the quality of the pass and the opponents should deal with the puck based on their own situation and attributes. This is part of the cause of the weirdness you sometimes see where players won't intercept pucks it seems they should.
-Automatic saucer passes for humans
-Other effects on CPU passing

Off. Awareness
-Field of view is for making passes, passes to players outside field of view are slowed (see Passing)
-Affects CPU player decision making when passing

-Affects the quality of deflections off slap passes.
-Ideally this would have more of an effect on whether the deflection connects in the first place and on how well placed the deflected puck is.

Defensive Attributes

-Ability to resist hits and keep control of the puck

-Ability to hit
-CPU decision to hit

Defensive Awareness
-Pass interceptions
-Reaction time for defensively deflecting passes away
-For CPU, more effort on when backchecking

-Takes fewer penalties, for humans this affects calls that would randomly occur on hits (like elbows)

-Better chance of winning face-offs

Shot Blocking
-Bad shot blockers get the standing shot block, good ones get the sliding one which reduces the screen effect.

-Tendency of CPU player to body check
-No effect on human.

-Increases the likelihood of 12+ penalty minutes per game.

Athleticism Attributes

-Forward acceleration

-Turning ability

-Top speed

-Fighting ability
-Increased tendency to take penalties (it will be gone for NHL10)

-Recover from fatigue more quickly

-Ability to withstand injuries

-Ability to play more like Eric Politowski


Goalie Reflex Attributes

-How far out the goalie comes to challenge
-Quickness reacting to a pass

-Modifies save ability on breakaways (essentially a modifier on Agility for this case only)

Five hole
Glove High
Glove Low
Stick High
Stick Low
-Quickness making saves to the respective region

Goalie Puck Control Attributes

-Goalie pass and clearance strength

Poke Checking
-Likelihood of the goalie attempting a poke check (CPU only)

Puck Playing
-How aggressively the goalie will go out to play a loose puck

Rebound Control
-Modifies how far the puck bounces off the goalie when it hits him

Shot Recovery
-How quickly the goalie gets up when after being down - currently no effect

Goalie Athleticism Attributes

-Quickness making saves in general, combines with region attribs (5-hole, glove high, glove low, stick high, stick low)
-Acceleration moving around the crease

-Should be how far he comes out to challenge, but it is not working currently because it is tied to Angles instead

-Not used in game because goalies do not get injured currently

-Not used in game

-Speed moving in the crease and when skating

-Reduces the likelihood of the goalie being screened

-Reduces the likelihood of being scored by your own team.


Duff said...

weight does not effect speed or agility.

chris e said...

Where did you get this info?


chris e said...

Just in case...

If a team tries to pause glitch do the following.

If by hittin start its still stuck waiting for user. Tell one of your teamates to back out to the dashboard. Only 1 of them.

Then get him to load nhl agian and select play a friend and invite you to the game. You will get pop up hit accept and then click exit.

Now repeat process for everyone on your team and VOILA you will get the win everytime.

Duff said...

a EA Sports "RED SHIRT"

LostAdvenger said...

I won't have XBL until this semester is over. Once the semester is over I'm going to Ft. Lewis, Wa and Ft. Polk, La.
So basically I won't be on until 2010 comes out.

LostAdvenger said...
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Meat said...

Chris is a dick.

Eric P. said...

Pad your garbage stats


Zach said...

don't delete me from the team!

I've been out of town and busy for the last few weeks, I'll be back soon!


Duff said...

lol @ Eric.

Wassup bud? long time no see. Are you letting your brother's friends play with your account? We tried to get you join us the other day but you would not answer.

chris e said...

Nice tat in your pic Meat....who's that guy you're with?

Meat said...

haha fuck you Chris. And that chick was hot. Lead singer of In This Moment.

Justin said...

Nice to seem some people on last night.


chris e said...

Yea, I hope to seem some people on tonight after the game....

Eric P. said...


I can't remember because I haven't been on for a while, but I believe they were using it