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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Post-Patch Report

Team PensBlog Climbing!
Since the release of the second patch, Team Pensblog has moved up from Div 11 to Div 5 and still climbing. In order to keep going up, The GM's ask that players with +/- rating under 100 to not play games with only two players. Keep up the Great Work!

Post Patch Top 20 Report.
Only a week since the update and the top 20 has changed. Even with a team full a juicer, it is going to be hard to de-thrown those who play hockey as a team. Only time will tell how much some of these team have benefited from glitching the system. Going through some of the records, Many teams only show one game after the patch and stopped playing until today (4-11) for some reason. Below are some of the top 20 teams with notable changes and are out of the playoffs.

Biggest Fail: Legends Never Die -97 Spots.
dream killers -42
legends never die -75
new life -39
uhl elete -35
pure garbage -69
team soz -66
dirty microwaves -62 (1 game since patch on 3-11)
Original Gangster - 68

Other teams who fell out of top 20 include: Purple Cobraz & Dragon Force with Da Co st Hil on the bubble.

Post Patch tPB Juicer Report.
flying hindus - DEAD
grocery store beer - DEAD
montral wolves - DEAD
pure garbage - Fell 69 spots
seansheans mom - DEAD
the mob - 2 members left, no games since patch
uhl elete - Fell 35 spots


Pens_Yan said...

kudos to my playing partners : Kevonic, Meats, Guins and Imperius for taking down "les glorieux du Qc" div. 1 ranked without juice is pretty hard for those teams

kevonic622 said...

big ups to the d for shutting it down in the third...i think the player of the game was imperius for taking a penalty that led to 2 shorties (better get t-pain in for this shit) which were the tying and go ahead goals of the game...

also this ridiculous offside save late in the 3rd which iced the game for us...

Meat said...

WOOO, but half the game was spent trying to keep my niece's attenion since the little one had to walk into my house at exact that moment.

But we won.

Kent said...

is any gm playing right now?